Planet B

Trip to Nowhere

The End of the World Train was built to take Ushuaia's prisioners out to cut wood to maintain their cells at a bearable temperature. Now, also due to its location and surrounding landscape, it's one of the most fascinating and freeing train lines.

Marco C. Pereira and Sara Wong

How to get there Visit to check the most adequate flights to Buenos Aires and then Ushuaia. Documents Passport with more than six months from its expiry date. For most Western countries, visas can be obtained locally.       Currency Check to get the actual rate. Time Zone GMT - 4 Electric Power 250V 50 Hz Official Language Spanish When to Go From November to April to enjoy the colourful beauty of the landscape, even more in April and May when they get all tones of red and yellow. Go from June to November, during Tierra del Fuego's Winter, if you are a fan of Winter sports. Everything is white in this season. On the Internet

Viagem a Lado Nenhum