Planet B

From Gold Mining to Soul Finding

Built at the height of the Portuguese Gold Fever, this Goiás' colonial city became a cult destination thanks to the devotion it has always dedicated to its cultural and historical traditions, like the Divine Holy Spirit Feast and the Cavalhadas.

Marco C. Pereira and Sara Wong

How to get there Visit to check the most adequate flights to the Brazilian capital Brasilia. From Brasilia, one has still to drive about 160 km to Pirenópolis taking the BR-070. Documents Passport with more than six months from its expiry date. For most Western countries, visas can be obtained locally. Currency Brazilian Real (BRL) - Check to get the actual rate. Time Zone GMT -4.5 Electric Power 120-250V 60 Hz Official Language Portuguese When to Go The Planalto Central (and state of Goias') dry season lasts from April to the end of October. This is the most pleasant time to visit Pirenopolis specially if you arrive during the May/June Divine Holy Spirit and Cavalhadas celebrations. On the Internet®ioes=1023&estados=1217

Da Mineração do Ouro à Prospecção da Alma