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Banks' recapitalization: Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Austria argue that "legacy" problems remain liability of individual countries (RTRS)

Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Austria, the only four countries in the Zonaeuro with triple A rating, this week revisited the theme of bank recapitalization via ESM - the European Stability Mechanism - to defend there should be a clear distinction between new problems arising under the new single European banking supervisor, and ...

Ireland targets a retrospective recapitalization of the banks to ease the cost of the rescue (BBG)

Bloomberg: "The burden from the rescue of the country's lenders remains a hurdle to selling bonds, Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said at the NTMA (National Treasury Management Agency) briefing. "A significant deal on bank debt (with European authorities) would, of course, greatly enhance the prospects of returning to the ...
Ver 10, 20, 50 resultados por pág.

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