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Juncker on Greece: will reconvene on Monday, 26 November (Eurogroup)

Statement by the Eurogroup President, Jean-Claude Juncker, after meeting to close the Greece subject: "The Eurogroup welcomed the staff-level agreement reached between the Troika and the Greek authorities on updated programme conditionality, including a wide range of far reaching measures in the areas of fiscal consolidation, ...

Schaeuble and Moscovici create coordination group for European proposals (RTRS)

The French and German finance ministries of will create a working group to coordinate Eurozone proposals, as the fiscal and the financial sector unions. The working group, announced today, after a meeting between German (Wolfgang Schaeuble) and French (Pierre Moscovici) finance ministers, aims to prepare joint proposals of the two ministries ...

Eurozone: the next challenges of uncertainty (WSJ)

After a summer in which divisions have widened in the euro area and with the ECB stressing that fiscal problems can not be solved with monetary policy, fall promises to be even hotter. It would be reasonable to want the next European summit on October 18, to end the uncertainty on the euro's survival. But the flight to "more Europe" could ...

IMF: Monetary policy can play a role in easing the transition until structural reforms become effective (IMF Report)

IMF | Euro Area Policies Report: The euro area crisis has reached a new and critical stage. Despite major policy actions, financial markets in parts of the region remain under acute stress, raising questions about the viability of the monetary union itself. The adverse links between sovereigns, banks, and the real economy are ...
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