25 de abril de 2015

Agradecemos por mais uma tranche de desrespeito

Daniel Oliveira |
"É um Tribunal Constitucional ativista comparado com qualquer outro Tribunal Constitucional que eu conheça." A frase veio de um alto responsável do Eurogrupo, que se escondeu no anonimato. Declarações que vão na linha das posições expressas numa nota da troika, no fim da última avaliação, que não hesitou em avisar que mais um chumbo vindo do ...

Juncker on Greece: will reconvene on Monday, 26 November (Eurogroup)

Statement by the Eurogroup President, Jean-Claude Juncker, after meeting to close the Greece subject: "The Eurogroup welcomed the staff-level agreement reached between the Troika and the Greek authorities on updated programme conditionality, including a wide range of far reaching measures in the areas of fiscal consolidation, ...

Portugal: the comfort statement of the Eurogroup (EU Council)

While meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, the Eurogroup issued a statement on the Troika's fifth review of the Portuguese adjustment programme. And "recalls that euro area Member States stand ready to assist programme countries until they regain market access and provided they implement the agreed conditionality."

Eurozone: the lack of union (BBC)

The Eurozone and its 17 countries are struggling between a fiscal, financial sector and economic policy union, in abstract, and its 17 national sovereigns. The theoretical solution, which began to be developed and was formalized in the June 26 document of the presidents of the European Council and Commission, the Eurogroup and the ECB, is ...

Greece: new tranche of 31 BN euros undecided until Eurogroup meeting in October (WSJ)

At a time when the plan of 11.5 billion euros in savings by 2014, began to face public resistance, and when the ECB makes use of a complex intervention to prevent the default of Greece on August 20th, a source of the EU reported today that a new tranche of 31 billion euros from the second bailout program will only be decided at the Eurogroup ...

Juncker: Greece's Euro exit would be manageable (WDR)

After German politicians from the FDP and CSU had suggested it, suddenly, the exit of Greece from the Euro has also been admitted as a possibility by the President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, in an interview with German TV station WDR. Juncker, stressing that the exit is not desirable, considers that it would be a manageable process.

Eurogroup approves Spain's bank bailout; Stocks fell... 5.8 percent (Expresso)

In conference call, the 17 ministers of the Eurozone approved the Spanish bank's rescue package. Spain/German yield spread on 10 year bonds have risen to 610 basis points, a record high. Yields are up to 7.27%, also, a record high. And cumulative probability of default up to 40.75%. Stocks fell... 5.8 percent. 
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