18 de abril de 2015

Draghi: conditionality "doesn't necessarily have to be punitive" (ECB)

When asked this afternoon on the kind of conditions that Spain would incur if the country asks for a bailout, Mario Draghi said that conditionality "doesn't necessarily have to be punitive". He explained that an MoU is the way to ensure political support of all Euro zone countries and thus justify an eventual intervention from the ECB, with ...

Schaeuble: Spain does not need a bailout (RTRS)

The German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, following earlier comments, said today that Spain does not need a bailout, because it is doing the right thing and will be successful. Spain is restructuring the entire financial sector under a bailout of 100 billion euros and implementing a set of economic reforms. ...

The Rajoy Dilemma: borrowing costs on the edge of a knife or a sovereign MoU (CNBC)

The containment barrier effect of the Outright Monetary Transactions program of the ECB, presented a week ago, has significantly reduced the level of the borrowing costs for Spain and Italy. But if countries do not formally requested support, the OMT program will not be activated. Rajoy's dilemma is whether this effect can persist, thereby ...
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