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Asmussen on Portugal: OMT "is for the Governing Council to decide; necessary to issue reasonable amounts of bonds with longer maturities" (RTRS)

In an interview published in Tuesday's edition of the Jornal de Negocios, Joerg Asmussen, Member of the ECB's Executive Board, said Portugal took "a significant step forward" with the issuance of a three-year bond as part of a bond swap in October, but that was "not enough". Asmussen explained that access to the OMT - ECB's backstop mechanism ...

Juncker on Greece: will reconvene on Monday, 26 November (Eurogroup)

Statement by the Eurogroup President, Jean-Claude Juncker, after meeting to close the Greece subject: "The Eurogroup welcomed the staff-level agreement reached between the Troika and the Greek authorities on updated programme conditionality, including a wide range of far reaching measures in the areas of fiscal consolidation, ...

IMF on Portugal: obligation to implement the EU fiscal compact offers an opportunity to hard-wire budgetary prudence into the legal fabric (IMF)

Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission to Portugal on the Sixth Review: 1. Portugal's crisis is due to a legacy of policy failures in the face of a rapidly changing environment. Economic institutions and policies proved ill-adapted to the demands and opportunities of monetary union and globalization. The rapid transition from ...

Weidmann: bancos devem estar limitados no valor que podem emprestar aos Estados (BBG)

A união bancária é apontada por Rajoy e Hollande como uma grande solução para a crise. Weidmann, governador do banco central alemão e membro do conselho de governo do BCE, num discurso hoje em Frankfurt, considerou que a união bancária, se concretizada correctamente, é um pilar duma união monetária estável. "Mas é ela a chave da solução da ...

Juergen Stark: "one should consider whether it is the right approach for the central bank to intervene on a regional basis" (BBG)

Juergen Stark, Member of the ECB's Executive Board, from 2006 to the end of 2011, today, on Bloomberg television, answering a question from Guy Johnson on ECB's OMT conditionality: "There are critical views. The monetary policy of OMT is perceived as simply supporting governments in their refinancing operations. This is an ...

Portugal: parliament approves broad guidelines of 2013 draft budget; coalition calls for major rethinking of the functions of the State

Portuguese parliament approved today the broad guidelines of the 2013 draft budget. The bill will be discussed in committees and the final vote is scheduled for November 27. In a response to the rising social discomfort with unpopular measures, the center-right ruling coalition is calling for broad support to a major rethinking of the ...
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