EU proposal with three integrated frameworks: financial, budgetary and economic policy (EU Council)

The president of the European Council, published a plan for the future of the eurozone to be discussed in June 28 and 29 EU Summit, propose the creation of three integrated frameworks: financial, budgetary, economic policy. It does not include the suggestion that the ESM should directly recapitalise banks. The report has no timetable for implementation.

in the Report by President of the European Council:

The report proposes a vision for a stable and prosperous EMU based on four essential building blocks:

  1. An integrated financial framework to ensure financial stability in particular in the euro area and minimise the cost of bank failures to European citizens. Such a framework elevates responsibility for supervision to the European level, and provides for common mechanisms to resolve banks and guarantee customer deposits.
  2. An integrated budgetary framework to ensure sound fiscal policy making at the national and European levels, encompassing coordination, joint decision-making, greater enforcement and commensurate steps towards common debt issuance. This framework could include also different forms of fiscal solidarity.
  3. An integrated economic policy framework which has sufficient mechanisms to ensure that national and European policies are in place that promote sustainable growth, employment and competitiveness, and are compatible with the smooth functioning of EMU.
  4. Ensuring the necessary democratic legitimacy and accountability of decision-making within the EMU, based on the joint exercise of sovereignty for common policies and solidarity.

These four building blocks offer a coherent and complete architecture that will have to be put in place over the next decade. All four elements are necessary for long-term stability and prosperity in the EMU and will require a lot of further work, including possible changes to the EU treaties at some point in time.

source: Report of the European Council: Towards A Genuine Economic And Monetary Union | EU Council